Who am I? 宇晗是谁?

Welcome to the random ramblings and musings of a fidgety nature lovin’ artistically minded city-gal.

My life began here in Singapore – born in a local community hospital, raised in a middle-class environment, educated in neighbourhood schools and eventually graduated with an honours degree in Sociology which taught me that everything I knew was merely a social construct.  God has a sense of humour after all.

My thoughts on my Age – I have stepped off the train of my tumultous teenage-hood, traversed the wandering maze that was my twenties and finally stand poised to confidently begin my journey of the next decade.

My thoughts on my LifeI rejoice in the beauty that is Life itself, as it is a gift and everyday miracle.  I pray for patience and wisdom to see through pain and suffering.  And because my life is transient and all things shall to ash and dust become, who I am really does not matter (much).

My lifelong pursuits – School has taught me much but life has given (and still gives) me education.  I enjoy exploring the world and learning new things.  I read a lot, write a little, travel less than I want to, watch TV more than I should, cook somewhat, consumed a lot more, volunteered my time to the arts, sold my time to the arts… and still feel like there is so much more I have yet to do!

My friends and I – People that know me think of me as:

  • Generally fun-loving
  • Occasionally crazy
  • Definitely cynical
  • Prone to bouts of inspiration… etc etc etc

I write about my pursuits in my loosely defined world of Art.  Everything in the world can be artistic, as Art itself is merely a construct, as am I.

Read about why my blog is named as such and why I write so much about my Art that is not very much good (yet!).

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