Writing from the Heart Day 4

30 May

Today.  No games. No pictures.  Just a whole lot of truth.

Using a emotional truth exercise called “exorcism”, Tony tore into the raw emotional core of our fellow student. It was disturbing yet cathartic.  As everyone shared their messages for the brave “bare-er”, I felt how powerful emotions were. And even more so the connection we all had at that moment.

Truth hurts huh?

It felt like group therapy.

After that, we delved into colours and energy centres.  Diagnosing each other and based on what we knew each chakra represented, we had to write a story of our partner.

Here was what I wrote –

A worldly wise and down to earth sort of person,  she knew how best to protect herself. Favoured by the gods,  she saw no reason to doubt them.

As a painter she had all her colours,  as a writer she had all those letters. Yet of late her tap of inspiration ran dry.  Sure, she was a teacher and a vessel of experience. so she always had the vision and words to give to her students. She had love to give, the kind of love like a mother.

But of the carnal passions, raw and true, a laugh that hurt and a love that shook, she forgot.  it didn’t show and no one knew that her world of colours turned a little blue.
Careful not to show her feelings, that’s how she was taught.  Don’t show your weakness.  Power your mind over body and master your emotions. 

Class is getting reaaaally interesting.  And I hope something will come out of this at the end.  I know it’s in me and I’m getting closer. To tell my story. .. and be real.


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