Writing from the Heart Day 1

27 May

I don’t really know why I’m putting myself through this week-long playwriting workshop.

I only know I needed to learn something new. And this was meant to happen.

I thought I was going to be tired coming into the workshop after 8+ hours of work. But instead find myself energised by the encounters of the day.

Twenty strangers sat in a circle earlier this evening and literally shared their little hearts out.

In one of the exercises by guru Tony Petez, we were asked to draw “our heart”. And then write a 10-sentence monologue for it.

Here’s me sharing mine. ..


I don’t know why but I started with a heart shape and the other parts just filled themselves in.

And then it spoke these words to me ~

Where would you go when you are free
what if right here is where you are meant to be
Look inside your heart,  your journey begins
Run out, take flight, be fancy free!
Let me tell you the answer you wish to know
Answer your prayers,  tell you where to go
Would you be happy if I told you so
Or feel trapped again,  round bound with sorrow
Come here, sit down,  talk to me
You’re here. Don’t you know?  You are home and free.


It shall be a week of unlocking creativity! Looking forward to it!

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