Painting with food

13 Aug

I love to tinker in the kitchen once in a while. It’s always satisfying to be able to present a dish that is enjoyed by friends and family. I once dreamt of being a food blogger, marrying my culinary pursuits with my writing. But then again, there are simply so many fantastic food bloggers out there that I find myself being more keen on reading them rather than writing mine!! Haha…

So yeah.. I’ll keep to writing about Art. 😉 Now, how then should I bring food into the sphere of Art?

In addition to enjoying sublime culinary creations that tantalize the tongue, I also enjoy the visual treat that is food presentation,i.e. plate-ing. A feast for the eyes and for the tum tum!

Just the other week, the boyfriend and I popped over to The Food Dot for a class with Chef John See. On the menu for the day – Chocolate molten cake! ♥♥♥


Chef John not only taught us how to bake the cake. He also gave us tips on how to decorate our plate!

He taught us how to do a simple fruit carving on a strawberry and I was successful in my virgin attempt. woot!


Beginners’ luck I guess??

As we waited for the cakes to come out from the oven, we picked out plates as our “canvas”. Chef gave us a quick tutorial before we started our own decorating.

You know those fancy Nike logo looking “swishes” that often adorn fancy fine dining plates? It was actually quite simple to do. All that was needed was a dollop of sauce (for my dessert I had raspberry sauce), and a steady hand to lightly draw through the “dot”, dragging a trail of sauce to make the desired pattern and done!


Ok… you can see the result of my hesitation in my swiggly swoosh… musn’t hesitate!

Chef John also shared that in decorating a plate, be it with dots or lines, always do it in odd numbers. See… being odd is beautiful. 😉

As I placed the final touches on my “food painting”, the oven went p!ng, and the main star arrived… all piping hot with gooey goodness! A light dusting of icing sugar… a scoop of vanilla ice cream later…. my plate was complete!


The icing on the cake was when Chef came by and praised my work – “Elegant!”, he said.

*blush* I was smiling all the way.

And it wasn’t just the chocolate high. ^^

One Response to “Painting with food”

  1. szehong August 20, 2013 at 10:44 am #

    Looks too good to eat LOL

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