Pretty prickly potting project!

27 Jul

I never had a green thumb, killing even the usually resilient cactus. So when I signed up for the Desert Garden Workshop by the National Parks Board, I was modest in my learning objective:

“Learn how not to kill plants! And make a pretty landscape while I’m at it.”


The workshop was conducted over at The Plant Story galleria located within the Hort Park premises.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those prickly pots (Am i weird for thinking cacti are really cute?).

First, we went through some basic care tips about watering (only once a fortnight!) and the different types of succulent plants.

No… it bears no relation to juicy fruits, please do not eat cacti … unless it’s aloe vera.

Don’t eat me, says aloe vera

Then, we finally got our fingers dirty and started potting.

I picked out two tiny plants and started to build my tiny desert garden.

First layer… gravel goes in the pot, to help with water drainage. Excess water makes cacti rot.

Then the sand-soil mix goes in… followed by the plants… and then a dusting of sand on top before you decorate.

Trainer Cath and the gravel table

Trainer Cath (in baby blue) and the gravel table

After an hour of messing about, this was what I had –


Desert Garden Take 1!

Two lonely cacti sitting in a pot.. (something is) M.I.S.S.I.N.G!

Looks a little sparse huh.

I wasn’t entirely happy with it. In fact, I was even a little disappointed with myself. After all, with all the “Art” training that I have received, I should have done a better job at composing an aesthetically pleasing landscape right?

AH well… *shrug* I guess it doesn’t always translate.

Oh oh oh! Random injection of info – Did you know Cacti have roots? I didn’t know! (Yes… gardening noob am I)

I always had the impression that cactus just sorta… tumble around? Hahah.. should have known. Those are TUMBLEWEEDS. Durh…

Cactus roots
Look at ’em roots!

Ok… digression over.

Fortunately, with a little help from trainer (and owner) Cath, I managed to salvage my little piece of desert garden, filling the space meaningfully with rocks and charcoal pieces.

And by the end of the day… tadah!!

Desert Garden... SAVED!

Desert Garden… SAVED!

Not so lonely anymore!

The little yellow cactus adds a whole lot of colour! I just don’t know if it can survive being simply placed on sand…

We’ll see.

It was a fine afternoon of horticultural adventure.

If you are interested in making your own, The Plant Story does workshops for terrarium making and all that as well. Do check them out!

The Plant Story Galleria

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, #01-01 (Beside the lawn), Singapore 339158
Contact #: 9863 8112

2 Responses to “Pretty prickly potting project!”

  1. sze hong July 30, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    You did a good job, Yuhan šŸ™‚

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