Marching off to a new April: Painting smaller and faster

17 Apr

I’ve been painting in A4 for the past few weeks. Working with a smaller canvas was a refreshing change. I was not only able to finish faster but also train my eyes to work more effectively.


Ironically, working on a smaller surface, I was able to paint more freely, focusing less on the details. Though I do find myself at times caught up in the details (to the point of myopia).

The effect was like zooming in, and taking a tighter cropping of the image. The subject is in clear focus but the surrounding elements are reduced to a complementary blur.

I kinda like it! 🙂

Here’s a quick look, cause pictures speak a thousand words and really, nobody wants to read about things they can just see instead, no?

Real life versus

DIng ding ding!

Here are the arrangements for the past 3 weeks, followed immediately by my interpretation of it. I have to apologise on the half-done-ness for some of them and the general poor quality of my mobile phone pictures (though it makes my paintings look nicer… hahah!).

March 31: Plant vs fruits #1


March 31: Plant vs fruits #1


April 7: Grapes and wine against a sunflower plate



Apr 14: Plant vs fruits #2



Most of them are still a fair bit from being done, but they are already turning out to be what I see in my mind.

I’m still not very pleased with how my floral and foliage are turning out. Wish I could figure out why! Is it a problem with my colour mixes or just simply my lack of exposure… I’ve done exercises with fruits so I’m pretty confident that I usually can get things right (given the time). But those petals and leaves really trip me up.

Oh well…. I would love to hear comments. 🙂

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