Mar 17: A warm palette of flowers and fruits

20 Mar

Hello oil, I’m back again. *wry smile* Made some decent progress today, which was nice… for a change!

Today’s set up


and my work in progress


Two things struck me as I was painting today.

(1) It really helps to have practise, and
(2) I do not practise enough.

Heh~ the main challenge for  me is being daring in the application of contrasting shades. I seem to find comfort in “regressing to the mean” when it comes to shades. The dark is not dark enough and the light not light enough.Hence everything kinda looks flat. Maybe it’s due to my personality… or just a lack of confidence?

What can I do?? Other than the obvious – practise practise practise…

It makes me wonder though. At what point does one’s personal way of doing become their style? When you paint or draw, do you have a ideal style in mind to mirror, or do you simply do your own thing and say it’s your unique style?

To say that my paintings, as they are now, are in a style of my own would be grossly premature.

As a learner and beginner, not knowing better… I can only be described as learning to ‘talk’. I have a voice but I’m really just babbling nonsense, whilst listening to others and being gently corrected by teachers.

So, till I find my own… I’ll just keep babbling on ~


♥ Thank you friends, for staying with this babbling idiot ♥

2 Responses to “Mar 17: A warm palette of flowers and fruits”

  1. Pixy March 20, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    Dear Yuehann, I do see a style emerging and yes, practicing more does help to make your voice clearer. My two cents’ worth is that one shouldn’t mirror anyone, and finding your voice is about finding your own preferences when it comes to blending, darkness of shades, strokes (your choices of thick and thin brushes; simple bold strokes or fine detail), outlines (clear or blurred), how you interpret the light and shadows etc.

    I see your style to be slightly “Monet” right now 🙂 I feel in finding your voice, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with colours that are not there in reality and see how that works. Monet uses a lot of cobalt blue in his shadows and if you ever come to Europe during winter or spring, you will understand why. Maybe in sunny Singapore, it is worth trying out more yellows in the light areas? Explore and have the courage! I’m always supporting you even though I’m in faraway Norway. Take care! Pixy

    • yuehann March 21, 2013 at 7:55 am #

      pixy! thanks for your words of encouragement. I love playing with colours, though not adventurous enough. I like your suggestion of yellow lights. I shall try it. thanks! & take care over there in Norway.

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