Went to Bali and saw …

12 Mar

a lovely piece of charcoal painting.


The piece was hanging in front of a gallery along Ubud’s main street Jalan Monkey Forest and caught my eye immediately.

I was in Bali for a short holiday and it was my first time visiting the holiday spot. I was excited about visiting Ubud, hearing that it was the “artistic” part of the island. Indeed, there were many shops selling paintings, sculptures, crafts and even handmade soaps with local temple spices.

I found Art everywhere really… even the palm sized flower offerings the locals leave upon entrances and pathways. Some were so elaborate that passersby paused to take pictures.

The temple architecture was mystical to me. I wished I did my homework to find out more about the mythologies of Balinese culture so I could appreciate the symbolism and such.

Take for example the Balinese new year, which incidentally is celebrated today (12 March). Instead of raucous celebrations, the Balinese spend the first day of the year in quiet contemplation. Even the airport is closed for the day! I would love to experience that one day. 😉

Our guide/guide also shared that the locals would build “Ogos” in preparation of the new year – a grotesque humanoid monster/divine creature that would be carried around the land in processions.
I left feeling like I barely scratched the surface of what was Bali. There was much of picturesque Bali that I have yet to see, though what little I did see, helped me better understand how my grandfather must have felt when he first visited.

It warms my heart to be in Bali finally. I have renewed hope that I shall one day fulfil my dream of travelling in my grandfather’s footsteps and see the world through his eyes… I think it would certainly help me appreciate his Art.


Anyway, on my last day there, I thought to let serendipity decide if I should buy the charcoal painting. I took a long morning walk from my hotel and headed along the Monkey Forest Road. I figured I would try to walk as far as I could without jeopardizing my return flight. If I see it again, I will decide there and then if I should bring it home with me.

Well, we all know by now that I didn’t. *shrug* Regret?? maybe… slightly… less so each day perhaps. Slowly… perhaps I would soon forget the painting. I already forgot the artist’s name! Eddy? Hadi?

Mmmm… well… I take comfort that in the enjoying or appreciating of Art, it’s not a necessity to possess.

At least I have a fuzzy photo to remember it by (I was too shy to go closer to take a proper pic and was sneakily taking from the roadside, hence the terrible resolution). Even if my memory will be fuzzy, it’ll have to do. 🙂

Till I return again perhaps.

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