Get ready to pop!

7 Oct

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to pop??

Hahaha! Guess what, still life sessions are back again! Under a new management but still essentially the same peeps. I had mixed feelings going back. Excited about going back to painting, yet hesitant about picking up the brush after such long lull (6 months!).

And .. my challenge this week?? Double killer of metal and glass!


Still Life set up for the day

I silent screamed ala Munch. =O

After I gathered my scattered wits, I decided to be brave and just soldier on with it.

Halfway through the session, I was beginning to feel demoralised… it wasn’t going the way I’d imagined. ; ( I was struggling to manage my colour palette and it was going flat… again.


First draft

At one point I left my seat, set my head on the table and contemplated giving up.


Over lunch I tried to shake off the feeling of futility. Meanwhile, the lunch conversation turned to the discussion of expressionism and the pop art movement. Pretty neat stuff over kopi and teh in the kopitiam at Lorong 29 Geylang. Who says Art is only for the chi-chi eh?

Anyway, as I was looking through images on my smartphone, it dawned on me. Since I was so sure my painting could not get any closer to satisfaction at its present trajectory, why not experiment??? I had nothing to lose. With a shrug and a "Why not?" echoing in my head, I headed back to the drawing board with a smidgen more of direction.

I took my inspiration from this.
Tom Wesselmann – Still life with blowing curtains

And decided to have some fun. 🙂

And the result was … *drumrolls*


Tadah!!! Haha.. it’s not that radically different I guess. But it was a good try.

It’s like a half baked cake. The kettle and sugar jar was my teacher’s contribution. They still look very realistic. The rest of the mess was entirely my doing, attempting to be bolder in colour usage and borrowing from Wesselmann’s original work. Lol. It’s not as easy as I thought!!

It was challenging to get the colour contrasts to work. I suspect it requires a solid understanding of colour theory. Which I do not posses!!! Sigh.

Oh well, perhaps reading up will help. I’m told French artist Edouard Manet’s work is a good starting point. And of course Picasso and Gauguin…. Google search on “expressionist still life” turns up quite a lot of interesting stuff worth exploring too!

Ok, tis good start after all eh?

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