Still.Life.April: Time to… Say Goodbye?

11 Jun

It was to be a month of new things.

The newbie orientation class had just started (with seven new members!), and my dad had his first go at arranging objects for the Still Life sessions. But alas, the first was also to be the last… for you see, the sessions are coming to an end.

Unless the lot of us find a new home for our activities, the weekly Sunday Still Life Sessions will take a hiatus.

The inertia was so great I took THIS long to blog about the paintings I did that month. I felt heavy in my heart and unable to enjoy the activity.

But oh well, life does go on, despite this great reluctance I feel.

Still.Life in Real Life

The month being my dad’s first attempt was pretty exciting. Dad and I discussed ideas and surfed the internet for images as inspiration, hoping to put up something decent for others to paint. It’s not as easy as it looks!!

I liked all of the compositions my dad did, even if they were really challenging to finish in one sitting! In fact, I didn’t finish ANY in one sitting, despite choosing to work with a smaller canvas on purpose.

I kept to Acrylic this month, still trying to figure out how best to use the medium. I think I just might have “devolved”!

Browse the process here .

Apr 1: Gerbenas with Oranges & Grapes

I had quite a bit of difficulty with the background. The idea  I started out with was to give it a colour wash but the paint dried so fast! So you can see my brushstrokes very clearly – totally not the look I was going for.

I wasn’t able to get it to look watercolour-ish nor oil-ish. FAIL! The medium was killing me softly.

Apr 8: Asian Kitchen

This was my favourite of the month.  The objects themselves were interesting and I think I managed to do okay with the colours. I gave up on doing washes for the background. But the work still looks flat. I was so tired after the session (so many things to paint) that I pretty much gave up adding highlights etc etc… Think i’ll leave it as it is for now. =P

Apr 22 – Gardening Day

Green is not my colour… colour mixing in acrylic was different from oils! I still have a long way to go in getting acquainted with my paints.

Apr 29 – Picnic basket, Bread and Wine

I tried to do it watercolour style, but can’t seem to get away from my habits (from oil painting). I liked what I did with the checkered cloth but the other parts… not so much. URGH. Nothing is looking like what it should look like!

Concluding the month…

I sincerely hope I can keep to the practice of Art. But I don’t know if I would without the discipline that the weekly sessions enforce on me. I doubt it really.

However, I won’t stop this blog. I will continue to write about things around me that inspire me. And I hope, those who read my blog can still find some inspiration, at least once in a while.

Leave me a comment… let me know, what is it you enjoyed most about my blog so far?

One Response to “Still.Life.April: Time to… Say Goodbye?”

  1. szehong June 11, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Yes, please keep going with this blog. Like you, I really enjoyed painting the still life set up by your dad. Thanks lots!

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