Better iPhotography in an instant!

26 Apr

I love how it’s so easy to fix photos on my iPhone. Its brilliance is in the combination of a none too shabby in-phone camera coupled with a myriad of fantastic photography apps. Mostly free!

There is much you can do depending on your personal style – cutesy pics with added bling and stickers, scenic shots with miniature effects, food shots tinged with colour filters….

Simply love experimenting with different effects to suit my mood!

Well, action speaks louder than words so here’s a few pictures from my Tokyo collection which I was able to enhance in a matter of seconds!

(I put them in a before/after format so you can see difference.)

Tokyo tower from a distance


Kobe beef teppanyaki


Cherry blossoms at Himeiji Castle


These are mostly just simple
enhancements to fix exposure, colour, etc. I have yet to make any with creative effects to my satisfaction. =P

I use the app Snapseed a lot, after discovering it on mrbrown’s blog. I was lucky enough to catch it when it was free. It’s a very powerful editing software. The montage frames are from Pic Collage

Check them out at the App store now! And have fun, that’s the whole point isn’t it? 🙂

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