Still.Life.March: A is for Acrylic

6 Apr

March was for experiments.

Returning to the canvas again after a period of half-hearted efforts needed a little “something” more. Hence I decided to dedicate the month to a new medium – Acrylic, which I thought should be interesting to follow from my earlier brief encounter.

And oh do I feel like a fickle philanderer who has found a new love.

Who knew Acrylic was so much fun to be with!

Still.Life in Real Life

OK, back to the main topic of the day please…

Presenting…. Still.Life.March!

It was a lot of trial and errors this month so… if it’s good, it’s probably beginner’s luck! I had fun anyways and that’s what’s most important isn’t it? 😉

Here’s the album, as usual, if you wish to see the development to the final product.

Mar 11: Lily Medley

I messed up the flowers a bit towards the end in frustration. Ooops…

I thought that the background colours were a bit distracting and wanted to “dull” it, but I quickly realise that the fast-drying properties of Acrylic, also meant that any additional colour would not blend with the underlying colour. ROOKIE MISTAKE!

Aahhh, but yes, lesson learnt.

I had fun playing with the proportion of water to colour, discovering that

  • More water = More akin to watercolours (case in point – lemons)
  • Less water = More akin to oils (ref the vase in the painting)

It was really educational! I have not touched watercolours since first learning the basics in my Orientation sessions with my Teacher so it felt new. I challenged myself to try it out for the next session.


Mar 18: Bunches of Grapes

I continued my experiments, this time trying to be a little more daring with adding water.

You can see how my painting is “streaking”! Haha…

I applied a light wash as background to start off with, before colour blocking for the subjects. I found that because the paint is so diluted, it doesn’t really cover the charcoal base sketch very well. And when I had to give my bottle a slimming session because it was not proportionate, I had a really tough time hiding the evidence of doing so. Hence, it looks as if my bottle glows???

Oh well… another lesson learnt.

Acrylic is not as forgiving as oil when it comes to rectifying mistakes. On the other hand, it dries fairly quickly so painting over shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, that would mean a do-over from scratch.

It was also fun to paint outlines or do highlights (like what I did for the green grapes).

Felt nice to apply what I learnt from both oil and watercolour techniques.


Mar 25 – Vegetable Medley

After two sessions of experimentation, I managed to do something this third week which I am rather proud of!

I did have a bit of problem with the background though… I did the wash in two separate sessions and because the first set dried so quickly, I was unable to soften the edge when I applied the second layer.

I had more time to play with the watercolour-ish effects today and am especially happy with what I did for the broccoli and corn! For the corn, I added the highlights and the lines between the kernels after the base has dried. I think it worked to my advantage for this piece!

I would consider this almost done. I just need to fix the shadows. Fortunately, I had help from my Teacher and it was a nice collaboration. 🙂

Ahhh Acrylic…  shall we dance? 😉

Next month… my dad tries his hand at arranging Still Life subjects for the association. Not as easy as it looks it seems!

2 Responses to “Still.Life.March: A is for Acrylic”

  1. Little Pixy Boots April 8, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    The third one is the best! Yummy corn and fruit…!


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