Will you Draw Something with me?

22 Mar

I have been caught up in the recent wave of this game app called Draw Something.

It’s a strangely addictive game that is sorta like Win, Lose or Draw but on an one-on-one basis. The game play is simple to grasp – you are given words to draw, pick one to draw for your opponent to guess. And they will draw one for you, and it goes on and on….

The game really challenges you to be creative and in a way, I feel it makes the act of drawing something, a lot less intimidating and loads more fun!

I had a lot of classic moments with friends over this game! We share incomprehensible drawings and hilarious interpretations. And some friends I know who keep saying they cannot draw, have just proven themselves to be quite good at communicating with images.

See! Everyone CAN draw. 🙂

Here are some “highlights” from my friends!


Can you guess what that was? For a moment I thought my friend was drawing something quite… Erm… Anatomical.

How about this one? I had to ask my friend for hints and still had trouble deciphering it!


While my drawings were also hardly perfect, there were a few that I was quite proud of. Well, at least i thought they were pretty decent effort for using just fat fingers on an iPhone touch screen eh!


I was so happy to be able to upgrade from the starter palette you start off the game with. Happily experimenting with colours and challenging myself with complex words…


Of course, I’m still a far cry from some “masters” out there! Take a look at these outstanding ones!


From Bobby’s Draw Something Addiction tumblr site.

From artist K.Wai, who was featured as doodle of the Day on 16 March, on Draw Something’s Facebook page.

Drawsome!!! Hahaha…


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