Exhibitionist in Geylang… back again!

22 Feb

If a person who does Art is an Artist. Then someone who does Exhibitions… is an Exhibitionist?? [How’s that for a sensationalized title eh?]


… I jest, of course.

Well, this post is not about streaking in the red light district of Singapore. Rather, it is of more humble stuff, and much less scandalous. Today’s post recounts my year of painting with the Hui Ann Huay Kuan Art group, which holds an annual mini exhibition for its members.

This year’s exhibition was a quiet affair, with possibly no more than 10+ members participating. Nonetheless, it was still an eye-opener to a novice like me!  Click here to see photos from the exhibition.

Practice Hall turned Exhibition Hall!

My dad and me!

I remember my first time, excited and eager. It still amazes me how fast a year has passed us by. It was not hard to select works for this year, because there were so few that were of sufficient standard/state of completion!

My humble contributions for 2012…

I brought two pieces for the exhibition, one of which my dad helped me fit into a rather lavish gold frame. I believe the beautiful frame distracted viewers from its incomplete-ness. Heh.

Here are the works up close…

This piece was done back in October. Flowers still look stiff. Hmph. Must conquer that one day.

And the other was one I recently did at a Social Painting session at Arteastiq, which is based on Coplu’s work in his Dreams series.

Imitating Coplu

Note my lazy clouds! Half done! Oh the cheek of me to put it up~!  >.<

Ironically, I received rather positive feedback on this piece. Not that I did a particularly good job, but rather because it was something different. It was nice to try something different and share what I got out from my social painting experience.

Things that caught my eye

Although it was a very small exhibition, there were still things that caught my eye.

I think I’m beginning to evolve my own artistic taste. I might not have the art history background to back me up, yet I still believe that in appreciating Art, all you need is an open mind.

I thought this piece was quite interesting.

The paint was applied really thick – impasto? – and it almost looked sculptural. It’s a simple subject but interesting in its texture, though the shadow looked a bit strange. Then again, perhaps it’s not meant to be a realistic rendition, but rather an abstract interpretation?

*shrug* I just like it.

This also caught my fancy with its gentle colours, splattering of paint and… for some strange reason, the Chinese bowl!

Wishes for the next year on…

I am hoping that in the coming year, we will be able to try new things.

Hopefully something like these lovely works which I snapped from Oil Painting guidebooks over the past year.

Another year of experimentation! 🙂

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