No Valentine’s Day Gift yet? Fret Not!

14 Feb

Before you knew it, it was February 14. With no gift in hand and a special someone awaiting. You wonder if you should be fretting.

Save the day with this brilliant gift that you could make with just paper and a little time!

The fact that it is made from your own hands will add much brownie points too!

Some time ago I blogged about the Magic Cube Rose by Valerie Vann.  It occurred to me today that it would work wonderfully as a “last minute” Valentine’s Day gift.

You will need with you 6 pieces square-cut paper of at least 10cm by 10cm.  You could try  magazine paper, old music scores, meeting minutes…

You could also look at the step by step guide here.

Disclaimer: This would only work for folks with a crafty nature and nimble fingers. 😉 

Of course, if you can’t manage it and time is running short, consider instead the innovative Origami Boulder!

copyright 2002 / origami boulder company

It’s the heart that counts.

Have fun! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!

If you love Life, it will love you back.

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