Still.Life gets Smart!

2 Feb

Having only recently been introduced to the wonders of smartphone technologies, I guess you could excuse me for being a little slow in getting on the bandwagon of all things app-tastic. 🙂

Well, I’m typing this on the iPhone with a WordPress app enroute to work! How’s this for time saving eh? I like that I can type my stuff, save em drafts and continue as and when inspiration hits me!

I could sit for hours fretting in front of my PC with nary a letter to spew but when inspiration hits me, I grab the nearest writable surface to scribble stuff down. With this app, I am spared from having to decipher unintelligible scratches on napkins in my poor handwriting….

Best of all, it goes direct to my WordPress post! No copy and paste required. Hooray!


The only down side being potential carpal tunnel from thumbing in my entries, perhaps?

And that it works really just for short entries.

Great for lazy buggers like me!

Up next, all about going arteastiq


(Signing off from my iPhone 4S, with my first entry created entirely on iPhone apps! This post is dedicated to Steve, a genius inventor)

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