Still.Life.December: Will You Remember?

23 Jan

Last month of the year, I am contemplative.

I have spent the past year and then some, learning to paint. How has that changed me?

Well… I now have a gallery I can call my own??? Hahahhaa…

(almost) Floor to ceiling filled with paintings!

With all the end-year festivities, I was significantly distracted from my regular Sunday painting sessions. Nonetheless, I was satisfied with what I managed to achieve with this month’s arrangements.

Revelation of the month – Pencil Sketches helpth the composition-ing!

Since September, I started the habit of pencil sketching the arrangements into my little sketch book before I even prep my palette. This was so that I could try to preview the eventual composition – hopefully making up for my lack of skill in this area. I think it does help me think and focus on what I wanted to present and therefore, informs me on how to sketch in the layout onto canvas.

The fact that the pencil sketches sometime really look nothing like my actual painting is another issue altogether!

This one was okay though …

Pencil Sketch for Dec 11 Still Life

Still.Life in Real Life

From Still.Life.December

It was a diverse experience, moving across different thematic arrangements.

Presenting…. Still.Life.December

Here’s the link to my picasa web album for viewing all the Work-in-progress pictures (opens up in a separate window).

Dec 4: Yellow Flowers in a Pot

From Still.Life.December

I spent a LOT of time on the leaves and flowers, such that I didn’t have time to complete the foreground at all! I tried to mix different shades of green so I can give some depth to the leaves but it wasn’t really successful. Sigh. My leaves look a bit too fake! Grr… too perfect! Need to know how to make it look more natural & (im)perfect.

After concentrating for a good 3 hours… I was too tired to continue.

Painting is hard work! =P

Dec 11: Paintbrush Tableau

From Still.Life.December

The painting of paintbrushes was new to me (in fact, everything in this set up was new and hence a challenge) but I had a lot of fun exploring the new items.

As with all new things, I took my time to observe its shape, its unique features (in the case of the brushes – the filbert, brush hairs, handles…) and tried to reproduce what my eye observed onto the canvas. Fun! I took the longest with this one, almost four hours!

And the painting within a painting (magazine) was also tricky. I was rather surprised I managed to complete the look!

Dec 18 – Breakfast Set

From Still.Life.December

I am particularly happy with the peeled orange on the bottom right corner. It was my first time trying to do a peeled orange and I was worried I won’t be able to capture the broken peels & the pulp within.

The enamel teapot, on the other hand, was familiar.  We did a breakfast set up in April 2011.   I had Teacher’s help in my first try and so this time round, I kinda knew what to do? BUT that being said, there was something a little off …

Did you notice? No? Good….. 😀

(Psst! the spout and handle is a little mis-aligned and the shadows… tsk tsk!)

Now have a look at last April’s attempt & compare.

From yuehann painting

My colour palette has changed isn’t it?

Hmm… my newer paintings  look flat (& boring)!

I have not worked up the courage to be more daring in my contrast – shadows and highlights. I tend to blend everything to a cohesive blur.

I guess it’s just a personal preference for things to be soothing. Tha’ts the whole point of painting no? To relax?? =P

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