Up for Tea, Scones and (Art) Jam?

9 Sep

I have heard about art jamming sessions before but only in passing.

So I was rather surprised when I saw a Business Times article on 2 Sept reporting on “art jamming – the latest in-thing in town“.


Arts has never really been the “IN” thing as far as most practical  Singaporeans are concerned.

What’s changed now?

Well, the article does appear in a primarily PMET-oriented paper so… I guess I shouldn’t expect the fishmonger at the wet market to start picking up brushes instead of the cleaver, or the Aunty who works at the NTUC Fairprice check-out counter to be waving brushes instead of a barcode scanner.

*one raised eyebrow*

Me and my vivid imagination…

So anyway, have corporate yuppies truly turned art-sy?  Can I finally go around telling people I paint and not receive looks that make me feel like I’m one of Picasso’s cubist paintings?

Anyway, I was curious enough to read up on the reported “phenomenon”, if you can even call it that.

According to the BT article,  new local establishments offering “art jamming” sessions have popped up over the past year, offering a lifestyle activity that combines painting and social networking.

1) Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

Located in the prime district of Orchard, this tea lounge cum art studio is gaining popularity amongst trendy youngsters. Their art jam package, which costs S$48 per pax for one session, $60 if you want added guidance, includes a 50 x 50 cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and paint palette. And of course, one free beverage!

I am eyeing the free wet canvas carrier that comes with!

From their website

“Arteastiq – Today’s Social Painting and Tea Sipping Place

There is a huge creative potential in you that is relatively untapped, because traditionally we are in a very business and money-oriented city. People rarely take the time to explore their creative side. Arteastiq tea lounge unveils its social painting space that incorporates tea as a whole therapeutic experience that exposes the artistic you.”

In short, Tea + Painting = Therapy.

2) Art Bug @ Waterloo Street

The peeps at Art Bug organise sessions called “Art Improv”. One session costs S$90, which includes “an evening of paint, music and hors d’oeuvres “.

Pic from BT article

According to BT, they have been receiving requests from even high-profile high net-worth clientèle, which makes me whistle in admiration. Like, fwah… clientèle leh, sounds so Paris Hilton-esque right?

A customer is not just a customer when he/she is part of a clientèle.

Must be the French.

From their website

“Art Bug is Singapore’s leading progressive visual arts centre, with a unique focus on making art sociable, accessible and addictive. Created for, and by, art enthusiasts, Art Bug aims to inspire the person who is new to art as well as professionals and educators who desire to stretch beyond their current boundaries of expression.”

In short, Networking + Painting = Bourgeois? 

(Note:  art bug does conduct regular painting workshops and classes for regular folks too! The BT article just didn’t bother to focus on that aspect. 🙂 )

3) Scoop of Art @ Marine Parade Community Club

The gelato cafe, which also serves Art on the side, is located in a “prime” (get the pun? hur hur) district.  An area better known as a recent GE battleground, where more memorably,  it is okay to “dunno know what to say”.  (OK, I digress, but  can you really blame me for the indelible mark made by the young female politician on my sensitive impressionable apolitical mind? I’m not a political blog, ISA.)

Scoop of Art offers an opportunity for their customers to simply come along and doodle or engage in all sorts of fun craft-making, while enjoying a scoop of gelato. The funky placemat comes free for random doodling, though you would have to pay for other crafty projects.  Private events cost $65 per pax.

Reading reviews of Scoop of Art (on the gelato silly…not the art jamming) makes me hungry.

From their Facebook page –

“SCOOP OF ART is Singapore’s first Gelato & Art café – gives everyone the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of Gelato flavours & Art & Craft. No right or wrong. Just pure freedom of expression in a comfortable & delicious environment!”

In short, Gelato + Painting = Calories!

And – this was not on BT – Art Jamming at my art space

Located right back in the central business district, it seemed rather strange that BT would miss out covering this place. *shrug*

For individual sessions, it costs $88 per pax ($140 for couples), inclusive of your choice of canvas, jump start kits, unlimited supply of acrylic paint, one complimentary drink and nibbles.

The concept for MyArtSpace is similar to ArtBug. They conduct courses and private events for corporates too, in addition to Art Appreciation classes, Art Tours and even studio rental for professional artists struggling to find a conducive space in land scarce Singapore.

From their website

my art space redefines art and lifestyles
We believe art enriches our lives.
We make art learning less formalistic, trendy but yet professional
We create a holistic experience that allows everyone to
 learn, appreciate and enjoy art as easy as anything else in our lives.

In short, Art + Painting = Lifestyle…


I dunno much about the claim that art jamming is the next up-and-coming “IN” thing but I have my doubts.

In any case,  I have not  personally done any of the above mentioned sessions, so I can’t really comment intelligently on the experience. (I can scarcely even comment intelligently per se sometimes…)

Meanwhile, I am content to sip my humble  China tea, in a non-airconditioned Geylang “studio” (at a fraction of the price), and in the company of  others who are suddenly “trendy” for doing what we do every week, totally unaware.


yuehann’s Quote of the day:

“The practise of Arts should not be a fad, but a matter of lifestyle.” 

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