“Hello friend, where you from?”

18 Aug

Friendly greetings assaulted us as we walked down the tourist filled streets of Ao Nang Beach. We can’t help but smile in return.

“Germany” my friend said.
“Gutten Tag! Wunderbar!” they responded enthusiastically.

“Singapore” I said proudly.
“Ah Singapore! Come, Shopping!” they replied.

Right… there you have it. My fellow Singaporeans… now you know that when we go to foreign lands as tourists, our cultural identity becomes crystallised into representations of our spending power.

The Land of a Thousand Smiles smiles for our SGD.

We shall henceforth become culturally identified as uniquely Singaporean due to our spending power.

We are more than our crisp dollar bills surely!

But no matter, nothing would have gotten me down after being greeted by the splendour of nature ala Ao Nang beach on a low season day!

When small irritations become something to smile about, it is perhaps possible to find your own little paradise.

See what I mean below… (Click for a panoramic view of Ao Nang beach, one end to the other)

Click me for panoramic view!

Nice right ?!?

I used the free photo stitching software called Microsoft ICE editor to create the image above, which is linked with a sharing site called Photosynth.  And here’s my Photosynth stream. Feel free to follow!

I had the luck to catch a good deal on Groupon.sg and paid $93 for a 4D3N stay over at the Krabi Resort. You can get really good deals during the off season. Photo below from their website (I do not have a helicopter in case you are wondering…).

The Resort was clean, nice and located right next to the beach. It even has its own private beach and the hotel provides deck chairs and towels for you and all your lounge-y needs. Convenient and far away from the main business street/beach stretch.

Much better than the other side of the beach which I found to be swarming with locals trying to sell their massage services and rental chairs. There was a lot more vibrancy and activity to see, though it won’t be a good choice if you were just hoping to get some chillax-ing done.

A lady plays tag with a frisky puppy!

I’ll post up more projects from previous travels soon. 🙂 This is fun!

(Yes… the Singaporean-ness in me has an auto radar for good bargains and free stuff… maybe that’s uniquely Singaporean no?)

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