Still.Life.July: Quickening

31 Jul

As we get into the swing of things over at the Association, I can’t help but pick up notes of frustration from the others. Little tiffs are common, tempers are quick… and sometimes, it really gets distracting, like a real life epic drama series gone sour.

Sigh… I just want to paint!

This month Teacher weaned us off our habits of drafting in charcoal, encouraging us to sketch directly to the canvas with oil.  One Sunday, I only had half the day to spare and Teacher showed me this little trick on speed painting!

He determined the basic shape of the composition of the day as a triangle. Then he drew a triangle on the canvas and very quickly and roughly sketched in the shapes of the items using yellow ochre oils, in all of 2 minutes!


The colours came fast and furious and by lunch, I was done! Well.. not really, I still had details and highlights to fix but it was almost all there, 3 hours early! This was good! Hope I can keep to this schedule.

Here’s what we had to paint this month –

Still.Life.July in Real Life

I uploaded the Works-In-Progress pictures onto my picasa web album.

Here’s a slide show, which I think is a better way of viewing the many pics eh?

And… Still.Life.July!

Here are this month’s works, one of which has already been recycled and exists no longer… 😛

I don’t know if you would notice but only one of the works below was solely my effort… the (lack of) quality shows. Heh.

I must ask… ANYONE knows how to get the glare OUT of my pictures? Oil paintings are shiny!

July 3: Red bag & Orchids

©2011 yuehann

July 10: Pot, Lamp, Doll, Vase, Oranges

©2011 yuehann

July 17: Basket & Fish

©2011 yuehann

July 24: KGB! Kiwi, Guava and Banana

©2011 yuehann

July 31 – Lemons & Gerberas

©2011 yuehann

Yup… only pictures this time round! 😉

Saving my brain juices for my new project!

Hop on over to to read all about it. I hope you will like it!

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