Six months of blogging and then what?

19 Jul

I’ve been at this blog for almost 6 months now, with 46 posts, and 6 subscribers. My top read post was the one about Geylang, its traffic most likely misdirected. Or perhaps generated by genuine interest in the lead up to the exhibition from months of work since October 2010.

I don’t really know.

Readership peaked in February with a modest 732 clicks.  And it has been on a steady decline since.


I can’t help but wonder if I am doing something wrong? Or perhaps it’s just that the novelty has been lost.  A victim of ever renewing waves of … new stuff that distract. My time in the proverbial spotlight felt like it was over? Or maybe it never was!

I checked my site stats like a trader would the stock exchange. And like a junkie seeking her next high, I posted and posted, in vain hope that the numbers will go up. Because UP is GOOD right?  That’s where Heaven is, where high stock valuations and profits aim to be?

So I bugged my friends for feedback – Why do you read my blog? Is it interesting? What is good? Is it the design? Is it the content? Is it the way I write? How can I make it better?

I was frantic. How do I arrest the downward spiral.

And then I questioned myself.  Was the downward spiral ME? Was I Alice chasing the rabbit into a tumbling rabbit hole?

What was I really blogging for?

It took a while to come to my senses.

And I’ve only just begun to realise what I was NOT blogging for.

I am not aiming to be the next mrbrown or xiaxue.  They are probably the most well-known Singaporean bloggers I know who can make a living out of blogging.  Pioneers even! They generate content that has a far reach among the masses and raise awareness of whether issue or product, with comedic and, at times, literary flair. And they can bring in the numbers by the thousands.


The crux is…. that’s not what I want (well… except the “flair” part, I want the flair).

Therefore, numbers shouldn’t matter!

I blog because I need to express myself.

Not to give advice, not to entertain, but simply to share my thoughts.

Doesn’t matter if I share with 1 or 100, as long as I share.

If 100 people think I’m cool, nice. If only one thinks so, still nice.

This ain’t a popularity contest no more!

Now I am free.


3 Responses to “Six months of blogging and then what?”

  1. XiuJia`` July 19, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    “Liked this post. :D”

  2. yuhui July 25, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    i’m still reading!


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