La pasión de la rosa – an origami love story

24 Jun

Things sound so much sexier in Spanish doesn’t it? 🙂


Spanish Dancer (woman) by John Singer Sargent (American), 1879-82

I was recently introduced to a rather brilliantly designed origami work called Magic Cube Rose by Valerie Vann. I found out about this model via a origami/story submission competition on the Origami Fun website.  The winning entry was a cute little love story  submitted by a Brazilian guy and it goes a little something like this…

(Disclaimer: The narrative embellishments are purely my own, inspired by the original story posted).

La pasión de la rosa (Passion of the Rose)

It was a cool summer day.  A day like any other day.  Heading nowhere at all, a Boy and a Girl walked side by side, enjoying the light breeze ruffling their hair and the morning sun warming up their cheeks.  The trees cast shadows around their faces and both were quiet.  They were meeting up again as they always do. It was not a particularly different day.  There was nothing in the air that would hint that something special was about to happen.

“Hey…” said the Boy.

The Girl turns slightly to face the Boy, her hair falling lazily around her round face.

His blue eyes glinted mischievously as he handed the Girl what looks like a paper cube, three sides green and one side red.

“For you” he whispered.

“Cool Cube!!” she said, turning the cube once over in her hands and bouncing it softly on her palm. She didn’t quite know what to do with it.

“Nah, it sucks, let me make it cooler”. Boy smiles like he knows something she doesn’t and takes the cube back. She looks at him quizzedly.  He smiles back and turns his attention to the little cube.

He looks cute when he smiles, the Girl thought to herself and then shaking her head as if to banish the thought, sighing. They have been friends for so long that it seems he would never ask her out.  Familiar thoughts replayed in her head as she remembered those fleeting moments when she was so sure he was interested in her, only to be disappointed when he did nothing more than send her home as a normal friend would.  That was expected, of course, since they lived on the same street. She silently chided herself for being silly.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t even realise when Boy had stopped in his tracks behind her.

He looked up and saw her walking on, hands in her pocket. He has always wondered what was on her mind when she was so distant.  Doesn’t matter now.  He has got things to do today.  He took a deep breath, muttered a quick prayer under his breath and reached out to tap her hunched shoulders.

She stops in mid-stride and turns back, nearly colliding into him.  She wondered why he was moving so strangely close to her and fidgeted nervously as she met his eyes.

He slowly raised his hands, palms cupped around something, almost tenderly.  He looked tenderly at her, arms stretching towards her.  As he slowly spread his fingers open, she saw that he was cradling a pretty red rose that was once the paper cube!

She felt like air was sucked out of her.  Her fingertips to cover her mouth as her lips parted in quick breath. Blood rushed to her cheeks and warmth bubbled within her. She did not know what to say.

He looked at her intensely, almost serious, and took a step closer towards her. They stood closer than they have ever been before.  He took her hand slowly into his and placed the paper rose into her trembling hands. With her hands enveloped in his warm touch, he pulled her gently towards him.

There was no words as they stared transfixed on the paper rose and then each other.

She felt his gentle lips touch her upturned fingertips as she held the rose.  His eyes never left her as he said words that she had been longing to hear since the first time they met.

“Will you go out with me?”

And the Girl said…



OK, she didn’t say ole really.. but it just sounds nice in Spanish no?

And yes, I’m anti-climatic. I’m not much of a love story writer!!


Anyway… here is a video on how to make the rose. Or you could also look at the step by step guide here.


Here’s MY surprise for my loyal readers (you know who you are!) 😉

The first one to comment on this post will get one made as a gift from me.

Ole! Ole!

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  1. XiuJia`` June 24, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Han.. if I dun comment, I wont get the gift is it? hehehe. Does having me leaving a note here count as a comment? LOL. I’ll share w u my comment Monday when I see u on MSN. hehehe


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