Still.Life.April: A new canvas

5 May

Progress has been slow but I think at this point, I can only get better so let’s see, shall we?

I’ve started painting on canvas stretched over a frame instead of our usual canvas-on-a-board set up. Any difference? Well… I would say I prefer it because working on a much smaller canvas size is so much less intimidating (heehee). There’s always this pressure to “fill up the space” and I always try to (& fail gloriously) finish in one sitting. It’s like Goldilocks – my canvas cannot be too big or too small and has to be just right! 🙂

Anyway here we go, this was April in real life…

From yuehann painting

And this was April in Still.Life…

You can also view a slightly more detailed progress in my picasa web album. I try to take pictures before and after changes done to it (by Teacher or other helpful seniors).

Week 1
Interesting local breakfast setup! First encounter with plastic wrapping.

From yuehann painting

And this is the final product after some refining (but still incomplete!).

From yuehann painting

I was stumped by how I should paint the plastic wrapping for the bread and newspaper (short of painting every word in!). It looks very OFF the mark!  The fruits can definitely be better. I just haven’t worked on it yet. Dad tells me that I should not try to be too realistic in my renditions because there is no way we can paint that way with our limited skills. There’s a whole other discussion to be made on how paintings shouldn’t be photographs. But I shan’t go into that!

Week 2

From yuehann painting

This was really fun to paint and I really enjoyed painting the dragonfruits. The grapes were also rather satisfactory to me. Compared to my first attempt at least!!

From yuehann painting

The dragonfruits were so much fun and I will most definitely revisit them someday as a solo study! For now…

From yuehann painting

Week 3
Statues are a great way to start a study of the human form before moving to live models.

From yuehann painting

I’ve painted another statue before which was similar in style to this one, so this time was a little easier to tackle. I tried playing with shadows and everything. My statue’s got nice abs and boobs!! Hilarious…

From yuehann painting

Yea i know, the flower petals are an TOTAL failure. I was a little discouraged with painting flowers and so asked a fellow member for help. She generously shared her little secrets again (yikes, i’m owing a post on this!) and painted this little demo on my painting.

From yuehann painting

And she jokingly declared that she was going to start charging us for lessons so… eeps. Gotta go start my own study of flowers!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), we had a good opportunity to practise the following week. What you fear the most will haunt you till you dispel all the demons in your mind. So, dare to face your fears and push through with it!

Week 4

From yuehann painting

I decided not to put in too much details at the sketching stage but Teacher says I must at least put in the general direction of each flower stalk. It felt so tedious having to draw each and every flower that I was complaining the whole way through!

From yuehann painting

Other seniors shared that I should not worry about painting every petal but rather paint simply a semblance of flowers. Reason being, the eye only can focus on a few things at once and things which are “out of focus” could just look blurred. Hmm… but how to achieve that effect?

From yuehann painting

My flowers still look awkward and stiff… Boo!

Long way more to go… ;/

It was rather fulfilling knowing that out of the 4 drafts I did this month, there were at least 2 that I felt I wanted to work further into, hopefully *fingers crossed*, full works.  Wanna guess which ones? 😉

3 Responses to “Still.Life.April: A new canvas”

  1. Rui May 9, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    I say week 2 and week 4? Do I get a prize for guessing right? Haha..


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