Ever wonder why…

8 Apr

Look Ma, Pa, my first comic strip!

I am not to be credited for the artwork (I only did the layout) as they came with my new toy – Stripgenerator! Follow my gallery here.  Fun!

But the joke was something that came to me on the way to work, thus, original.  It came to me while I was in my dad’s van enroute to the office and there was this car in front of us with the little sign – Child on board – like this

… which is nothing unusual, except that the driver had scrawled the letters “ren” at the end of the word “Child”.  Ya huh, why don’t they have “Children on Board” signs for those with more than one child?  Hence my mind twisted and turned and planted the seeds for my very first comic strip. 🙂

Hope you liked it.

Anyway, since we’re on this topic. Did you ever wonder why the sign was created in the first place?  Well… ahem… I DO and I googled.

Apparently there is this urban myth that the death of an infant in an auto accident led to the invention of ‘Baby on Board’ signs.

Well, it’s FALSE!  (Click on the link above for an explanation by snopes.com, an urban myth busting website).

According to the website, the little yellow suction cup thingies were manufactured in the US by Mr Michael Lerner after friends told him they saw stickers bearing those texts in Europe. It doesn’t however explain the source of the European stickers!


Americans are really good at inventing things that we don’t really need but still buy, isn’t it?

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