Not exactly a cuddly bunny, but cute nonetheless

29 Mar

Metal Bunny

Cool no?


What if I told you that it was constructed from a single piece of steel?

This bunny was created by a team from MIT.  Their Flickr site says-

This is a Stanford Bunny model folded from one piece of sheet of Steel with lots of holes and perforation done with laser cutter. The pattern is designed using origamizer. Collaboration work with Kenny Cheung, Erik Demaine, and Martin Demaine from MIT. Completed on January 1st 2011.

Personally, other than its aesthetic beauty, I find it interesting on a couple of counts…

  • Timing of creation (serendipity or conscious decision?) – rather apt for this is, after all, the Year of the Metal Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar,
  • Contrast of texture – consider the cuddly nature a (live) rabbit against the cool metallic smooth texture of the steel, 
  • Contemporary design from traditional ideas – using origami concepts to render a 2D medium (paper, metal sheet, etc) into 3D models.

If there’s one thing I realise about appreciating beauty in life, it is that your initial reaction is always the most accurate. And i am like…

Sugoi ne! Watashi wa daisuki! ~(^.^)~

Heehee.  Too much anime…

Share something beautiful every day. Everyone needs some wonder and awe in their daily diet. 🙂

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