Pet of the future?

17 Mar

This totally brings new meaning to the phrase “To go wherever the wind takes me”!

Watch this video –

This strange creature is created by Dutch artist Theo Jansen  who successfully marries both art and science in his creation.

Bio below extracted from his website

Theo Jansen (1948) studied physics at the University of Delft (The Netherlands) from 1968-1975. He left University to become an artist… Since 1990 he has been working on a new creation: skeletons made of electric-conduits which walk on windpower. These animals have evolved into several generations over the last twelve years. Eventually he wants to put the Animaris out in herds on the beaches, where they live their own lives.

Now…. How cool would it be to launch an army of the miniature Animaris onto our beaches! Or maybe the Marina Barrage!

Animaris Ordis Parvus (mini!)

Imagine that!  Let’s all buy one today!

Click below for more info on Theo Jansen and his works:

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