Full Time dreamer, Part Time hamster

28 Feb

I consider myself a full time dreamer, because I spend most of my time with my head in the clouds.  Stormy days strike me with inspiration, sunny days delight and cloudy days are just, well, plain lousy.  I’ve not posted for a week and it feels funny. I blame it on being turned into a hamster.  I turn human again on weekends.

Today the sun rays tickled my feet, rousing me from sleep and a bolt of inspiration struck.  I grabbed my pen only to find my paws too short.  I had began my weekly transformation.  Argh. I scuttled from my bed, ten minutes too late from waking. No time to brush, no time to wash!  Back to the wheel!

That was what my morning felt like.  Now then, before I really forget… a short piece I was inspired to write.

"I am a paper rat"

Stuck in a clockwork mice
running nine to five.
I am circling circles,
it ain’t always nice.
Out and roundabout
making bacon peas and rice,
everyone is chasing,
Thinking they are alive.

Another day on the mill,
everyone is racing,
eating but with nothing to fill.
In and around,
sudden time to kill.
I am dancing squares
party central five to nine,
struck out, burnt out, patchwork quilt

Elsewhere unaware,
the happy hamster survives.

Don’t ask me what it means, it’s dream talk, with me head in the clouds. 🙂

Next on yuehann.wordpress:  Tips for painting flowers and Steps to starting still life from a total beginner. See you again soon!

2 Responses to “Full Time dreamer, Part Time hamster”

  1. asrai7 February 28, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    I can relate. Always in reverie is best 🙂

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