Old birds, young punks and some Art at Geylang

23 Feb

The Geylang area is often better (or worse-r!) known as the “red light district” of Singapore and popular for its great late night foodfare.  But well… if you’d stumbled upon this site thinking to get some info about the seedy side of Geylang, SORRY WRONG NUMBER! Haha…

If you look past the stereotypical neon girly bar signs and symbolic red lanterns, you would realise that Geylang is also home to quite a number of Chinese clan associations.  Tucked in a little corner of a two digit Lorong (which means “lane” in Malay) stands a clan association just about as old as me (yes I checked… such serendipity) and where I have been attending weekly Sunday Art sessions for the past few months. It is at this venue that I lost my virgin … exhibition la, you think what?! Tsk tsk tsk.

On a faithful February morning… my parents, my cousin (& her entourage) plus me trotted down to set up for the show at the Association’s hall area. And yes.. witness how I finally put my works on display!

Me with my 3 humble works

YAY!  I was rather glad to have it over and done with (heh) but also slightly embarrassed to show it amongst the other works by the several “lao-jiao” (Hokkien for “old bird”, which means an experienced senior).

You can view the photos from the exhibition here.

We were each given an easel per person to display our works.  Then it was free for all to just wander around to look at everyone’s efforts.  This was an exhibition of a very different kind indeed!!

For once, I didn’t worry about not understanding the works on display.  I could just enjoy the works as they were.  The works were not trying to “say” anything (why does Art always have to say anything anyway!) but exist meaningfully as the individual artist’s expressions of themselves.  And these are the same people I get the pleasure of meeting every Sunday too!

Although the works didn’t come with those nifty little placard descriptions alike museums, I still felt like I received great knowledge & inspiration simply by pure osmosis…

I look forward to another great year of learning and onwards journey in this Art world. 🙂

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