Rush, brush, fuss, CONCUSS!

19 Feb

Time is SO not in my favour this week… This painting, not in the original trio of shortlisted works, was picked up again from the backburner where it was sadly pondering its dustbunny filled future. Yes, Lotus, I choose YOU!

Evolution of Lotus

Top left: original still life arrangement
Top right: After first round of fixes on 15 Jan 2011
Bottom left: After second round of fixes to the leaves on 14 Feb 2011
Bottom right: After fixes to flowers – FAIL!


I am totally not prepared to show this work!! I had worked on the piece a little while over at Teacher’s place during the first shortlisting exercise. Teacher had made some charcoal indications over the first draft and tasked us to fix it. The results you can see in the top right of the collage above.

I am not happy with my flowers… which looks a little too…erm… globular and not petal-y. I did not quite know how to translate the texture of the petals into the painting. And I think I am starting to have a habit of blending my painting till it looks a little too smooth. I guess while it might work for stuff like apples and vases.. it doesn’t quite go with flowers.

[Curious trivia: I am so flummoxed by flowers that I find myself unconsciously staring at them when I passed by some at the local supermarket the other day….. till my friend woke me from my reverie. ]

I cannot seem to control the colour palette to go the way I want it to. And I am still confused by light and shadow! In my attempt to fix the lotus leaves, I think I might have just made it a little bland… I think it looked better at the stage of the first fix. Hmm.

Much to learn… mutter mutter….

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