4 weeks, 3 paintings & a whole lot of paint stains later…

15 Feb

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Dad and I drove down to Teacher’s house. I was feeling slightly excited, anxious, and wrecked with insecurities about my (lack of) skills. Will the works be good enough to face public scrutiny?  Have I tried hard enough? And most poignantly, will I be an embarrassment to our family name?

In the past few weeks, our cosy “studio@home” has become increasingly messy – littered with dirty paint stained rags, half done works strewn about, half-used oil paints cracking on abused palettes.  Like an aftermath of a storm stirred by the frantic rush to get the works ready! Or a reflection of my state of mind? Hmm…

Well… ready or not,  here it goes.  I laid out my homework in Teacher’s living room and waited, fingers crossed…

Ladies and Gentlemen! *ahem* Observe…

  • Exhibit A: Wilted Sunflowers

Read about its subtle transformation here.

  • Exhibit B: Apples & an Earthy pot

Read about how I deconstructed Apples here and the re-constitution of everything here.


  • Exhibit C: Fishy pouch with red and white flowers

Read about my frustration with flowers and my efforts to recreate the flowers later identified as Carnations here.

Teacher hmm-ed… He squinted and smiled… And eventually the final verdict –

  1. The Apples were good to go. YAY YAY YAY!
  2. The Sunflowers were set aside as the composition was problematic and it was not ideal. Wha.. but my flowers looked fine …
  3. The Carnations were almost there and needed just a little more petal work. That’s ok…
  4. Bring back the Lotus – a piece I did some time back with Teacher’s help which I conveniently placed in cold storage as it wasn’t short listed.

All in all… it wasn’t too bad.  I just had to work on TWO pieces that were probably 70% done and then frame up all 3 by next Sunday – easy peasy?

Challenging, yes, but definately possible. I am psyched!

Stay tuned for new carnations and me finding zen with lotus… 😉

2 Responses to “4 weeks, 3 paintings & a whole lot of paint stains later…”


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