HotM: February

13 Feb

This month’s header is inspired by Love.  A tribute to Valentine’s Day, dedicated to all the single ladies! LOL.

"New Man meets New Woman" by Australian sculptor Vince Vozzo

This sculpture was carved out from a block of carrara marble (from the cave of Michelangelo) by Australian sculptor Vince Vozzo.  Vozzo also carved earlier works which were titled “New Man” (a tribute to Michelangelo’s David) and “New Woman”.  I wonder if these works might be related.  In any case, personally, the sculpture reminds me of Colombian artist Fernando Botero.  (Trivia: Botero’s sculpture “Bird” can be found along the Singapore River.)  Botero is well known for sculpting/painting voluptuous subjects. Doesn’t this work by Vozzo also seem to portray two particularly rotund individuals in an embrace? Heh.

The picture was taken during my visit to Sculpture by the Sea over at Bondi last year, where Vozzo was one of the many artists featured.  It was my second time attending this annual exhibition (yes, i flew to Sydney to attend it!).  Two years ago, I met two Australian women while I was guiding for the Singapore Biennale and they were the ones who introduced me to the exhibition.  It’s interesting how people you randomly meet can bring you to places you never thought of before.  Keep an open mind, always. 🙂

Here’s a montage of some of the works I saw at the 2010 exhibition, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

There’s something about seeing crowds meandering in and around artworks that seems very festive to me.  The enthusiasm was infectious and it was nice seeing people interact with the art works – taking photos, posing with the art, discussing the art… I wonder why I can’t find similar inspiration in Singapore.  Maybe it’s hard to enjoy leisurely strolls in our humid climate and everyone’s distracted with the pursuit of activities that come with air-conditioned comforts instead.  Ah well.

The coastal views from Bondi to Tamarama Beach were stunning and it was icing on the cake having the art works to enjoy along the way.  Contemporary art lovers should try to make at least one trip in your lifetime to this exhibition.

Bondi Beach (2010)

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