Petal by petal, brush by brush 一边改画,一边改花

30 Jan

I have been researching on the net for resources on how to do proper justice to the painting of flowers.   I hope to share that with anyone out there who is also in the same position as I am, agonising over the flowers as a subject!

Here’s the semi-completed amendments for my Wilted Sunflowers piece, which inspired my research into the subject of painting flowers in oils. I hope I didn’t undo my teacher’s good work on it!

Amended (and hopefully improved) version of the painting

I changed the background colour, adding some blue-green-yellow hues.  Kept it basically neutral as i had not the courageous vision of my teacher to experiment with bold vibrant colours!

I also did up the leaves (i’m proud of the ones in the vase on the left!) and vases, hoping to show more depth and dimension.  It’s quite fun to paint wilting leaves because of the challenge in finding approximate colours.  It seems that most usually gravitate towards painting fresh vibrant plants in still life, and it is unusual to find wilting subjects.

Anyway, my sunflowers are supposed to be wilting too but it can’t really be seen!  The unfortunate thing was that I did not take a picture of the still life arrangement so I have nothing to refer to but my own defective memory.  And my search online turned up mostly paintings of fresh sunflowers and Van Gogh’s famous sunflowers.  Sigh… how do I start!?

I decided to go by logic, playing with shades of yellow and using the background colour to further define and highlight the petals.  I think there is still much room for improvement as I still hesitate to use darker shades so there isn’t much gradient still. Argh…

Anyway… here are some resources that I found enlightening.  Each artist adopts different techniques and have their own distinct styles.  It is very educational for a rookie like me to observe how experts do it.   These videos have inspired me to make some of the changes I did when I didn’t know how to start.

Hopefully one day I’ll get there… through practice and observation!

3 Responses to “Petal by petal, brush by brush 一边改画,一边改花”

  1. yeh toh yen February 1, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    you done a good job for your sun flower only things is need to practice more !
    “practice make perfect” 宇晗加油 !


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