Beer + Nuts = ????

28 Jan

I am BEHIND SCHEDULE for my blog posts! hahah.. bitten by lazy bug. 不可以!

Update from Art Class: CNY inspired beer and nuts still life!

Last Sunday’s (23 Jan) assignment was our very first encounter with glass objects.

Work-in-Progress: Beer and Nuts ©2011

The picture on the left of the montage is the original still life set up.  (Apologies for the poor camera work! Light kept reflecting off the oil. ) The one in the middle was taken right after 洪老师’s amendments and one on the right, after I messed with it a little more. I was trying to make the flowers “pop” by using the complementary colour of yellow (i.e. purple) in the background but I think it looks flat instead. 😦

I was racking my brains on how to make my life easier by finding a way out of painting the flowers. BUT… well… one doesn’t learn if not for the quests that we have to complete. Hence, ONWARDS to more floral mayhem!  Looking from far…. still not too bad right? Hahaha.

The painting of the glass bottles was really educational for me.  I started blocking in brown-ish hues to the bottles and in fact only considered using brown, red and black… the colours that I saw with my eyes.  Then 洪老师 came to help me with my work, and he added oranges, yellows, blues, greens…. WOW… this thought was going in my mind – “有这个颜色么?”  Really very interesting! I have so much to learn…. and observation is key! Seeing the painting after it has semi-dried, I began to see the full effect of the colours. It was complex & much more interesting to look at, as compared to, say, limited shades of brown… Lesson learnt!  画油画,要敢敢上色!

I’m really amazed by the colours for painting glass and also the stuff INSIDE the glass.  Look at the tea in the original set up and my TEH-SI in the painting… I really had a good laugh painting that one!


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