My Mangosteen Challenge 2010 – completed Jan 2011

23 Jan

This is my first attempt at painting mangosteens!

After weeks of working and re-working a 20 by 20 piece of canvas, my little piece of artwork is finally ready!

It was in pure bravado (or stupidity) that I agreed to paint a small painting of fruits as a gift just merely weeks into my art “education”! It was supposed to be a Christmas present but it became apparent that there was no way I could get it done by then… (I didn’t take a picture of the progress – Drats! or then again, heng ah*….).

Considering my lack of talent and formal training (and hidden bag of excuses), I’ll say I’m pretty happy with the final result.  I googled the web for images of works using mangosteens in still life and realise it isn’t very popular at all. Hmm… maybe because the mangosteen is primarily a tropical Asian fruit and most Western artists don’t have access to this wonderful fruit??  Or that Google search engines are Euro-centric. LOL.

Anyway, 洪老师 suggested that I refer to the mangosteens done by a local artist (Mr Ang Hiong Chiok 翁享祝) who specialises in painting the humble fruit.

Mr Ang’s piece “Where Sea and Sky Meet”

He passed me Mr Ang’s recent exhibition catalogue as reference material to have a look.  It was a real eye-opener!

Not only were the fruits realistically rendered into his oil paintings, Mr Ang brought it up to a whole new level with his whimsical and thoughtful compositions.  Many of his works are also coupled with poetry, which were a source of inspiration for him.

So pretty!!!!

Ah… I am but only 0.01% of the speck of dust on the corner of the falling mangosteen!

Try as I may to draw a half decent mangosteen on my little canvas,  I can’t help but feel a sense of “小(to the power of ten thousand) 巫见大巫”.

Oh well… it’s okay, I’m learning.  🙂

I tried my best to emulate his portrayal of the fruit and succeed in 0.01% of it.

In the words of my alma mater “LABOR OMNIA VINCIT”! Wahahah… Then again, I think the more I labour over the painting, the worse it’s gonna get!   Might as well paint a new one… cheh….

[*heng ah: a Singlish expression of relief.]

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