Photo Journeys: Victoria Theatre

18 Jan

Sometime last year, I submitted some photos (just for the heck of it) to a photography competition. I didn’t win but it doesn’t matter! I didn’t submit it to win. I just wanted to create something. 🙂  Since it would be a shame to let this pass into time without having it being seen publicly, I now reproduce the photographs below (and my attempt in being “artistic” in my explanation) for common enjoyment.  请多多指教,现丑了!

Into The Light (2010)

Concept: This photo captures the familiar staircase at the Victoria Theatre backstage, a path walked by many who have ever been on stage at the Victoria Theatre. Tales of hauntings & memories of one’s one-minute-of-fame are carried by individuals who have walked these very steps from dressing room to stage. As curtains fall on Victoria Theatre and footsteps no more, what will remain is an empty staircase and a dark stage. This photo plays with the lighting conditions of the Theatre backstage in the day and the lines and geometry of the stairs. The darkness inspires fear, uncertainty and mystery.

Awaiting (2010)

Concept: This photo captures a bench, bathed in half light, in front of a half opened window at the Circle of Victoria Theatre. The window looks out into the world outside – the “refurbished old” symbolised by ACM building and the “modern new” symbolised by the tall OCBC/UOB buildings. The busy world moving outside and the relative quiet contemplation of the empty bench and empty theatre conjures nostalgia. I am reminded of a time before handphones, watching a Singapore Arts Fest show, waiting for a friend while standing by the window. Will the old charm remain only in our memories or be forever gone in the light of development? A dramatic contrast between the closed window darkness and the open window lightness.

Cultural DNA (2010)

Concept: This photo captures a spiral staircase in the Victoria Theatre backstage. The architectural shape of the stairway brings to mind the shape of the DNA Helix. Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall has been and will always be part of the Singaporean cultural identity & be remembered as such.

Untitled (2010)

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