Counting my blessings and paintings!

16 Jan

I believe I am blessed.  I was just remembering how I managed to find outlets for my creative whims and fancies – I sang for an audience, acted for a short play, competed in playwriting, wrote a short performance piece, wrote flash fiction… and in another 5 weeks time, I’m gonna be “showing off” (or embarrassing myself) my paintings! LOL.

Never thought this day would come. 爷爷一定觉得好好笑,不知他是否会来看看呢?

We gathered (my dad, cousin and I) to 洪老师’s place for him to select some “比较见得了光” pieces for the upcoming internal exhibition at the association.  So very exciting!!

老师 was very kind and helped us with comments on necessary amendments to the works. I’ve got so much to learn about composition, colours and all that jazz…. But one mustn’t be demoralised! 总不能一步登天呀!After all, it’s only been 3 months!

Here’s a quick summary view of my paintings so far (put against the original photos):

These are some of the works I did over the past 3 months. I am getting there... i hope.

After much agony over the particularly short list of works to pick from, 老师 choose 3 for me to spend the next few weeks to work on.  Here are the “before” pictures…

1) Wilted Sunflowers © Copyright 2010 (Painted 17.10.2010)

This painting was my first attempt at still life oil painting. Much of it is really to 洪老师's credit in editing it to look decent!

2) Fishy pouch with red and white Flowers © Copyright 2010 (Painted 5.12.2010)

Challenged yet again by flowers...

3) Apples and an Earthy pot © Copyright 2010 (Painted 26.12.2010)

I am most proud of this work (to date) especially the green apple on the right! Heh... uncle from the Art association helped me with the colours.

I hope to be able to post up the “After” pictures once I’m done with them…. Meanwhile, any comments?  I’ll love to hear from others so I can improve! 😀

6 Responses to “Counting my blessings and paintings!”

  1. rui January 22, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    the flowers certainly look like flowers and not cotton bud! i think u must not be wearing specs, standing a few meters away, with myopia of at least 800 degrees in order to mistaken it for cotton buds…


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