I am ONE of unlimited potential! 无限生机的我!

14 Jan

I started a blog today.=)

I didn’t get my preferred URL. A mother from China beat me to it.  This is a funny story…

I wanted to use my Chinese name. A name bestowed upon me in my birth. I didn’t start off liking my name much – it was the source of many frustrating moments being mistaken as a boy in its mispronunciation – and saw it as an unwelcome infliction upon my existence.  But I’ve grown into my name since and think of it as something that makes me, well, special!

So, imagine my surprise to find another little girl in the world who shares my exact Chinese name – 宇晗!

And funnier still, she shares my mother’s maiden surname – !

I love it!! The sweet humour of life’s little coincidences.  Just when you think you are unique (which i am ahem…) you find something in the world that humbles you.

I quote from the sweet lady’s website –

宇:    即天下。(translated: everything in the universe)
:    天将明。(translated: daybreak)
宇晗:  取天将明时,世界一片寂静,又蕴含着无限生机的意境。

(translated:  at dawn, the world is quiet, symbolic of a state of unlimited potential)

哇… 无限生机的意境.

How apt! I’m in my thirties and still trying to unleash my potential. Hahahah!

Well, from this insignificant moment in time, I have created a mini-world of me in the exploding memory banks of the digital world by taking a few bytes out.

A footstep in the digital sands of time, a speck of dust in the hallowed halls of history (yes, i like alliteration, so??).

Let’s see where this will go.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

~ Romeo & Juliet

2 Responses to “I am ONE of unlimited potential! 无限生机的我!”

  1. Juliana Lim April 1, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

    Hello, I’m glad you found me and now, I’m glad I also found you, another avid art lover. Happy Blogging! julianalim.wordpress.com


  1. The One that rhymes aka Roads version 2 « Still.Life. by 宇晗 - April 8, 2011

    […] consider this half-done state of being very characteristic of me, for I am also otherwise known as “a state of unlimited potential” duncha […]

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